West Bay


Site Status: Open
Site Name:  West Bay
Location:  10 km from Parrsboro on West Bay Road, at Spruce Cove Road.
Province:  Nova Scotia
Suitable for Hang Gliding:  Yes
Suitable for Paragliding:  Yes
Regulating Body:  HPAAC
Site Regulation:  HPAC membership required and Local Club Waiver.
HPAC Rating:  Novice
Type of Site:  Coastal
Type of Flying:  Ridge
XC Potential:  Good – out and back along ridge
Description of Site:  The site consists of 8 km of sea cliffs (60-70 degree) rimming West and East Bay. Cliff height ranges from 60′ at launch to 350′
Direction of Launch:  ENE – SE
Launch Elevation:  60′ asl.
Launch GPS Location:  45.37042, -64.39127
Launch Description:  HG & PG – Groomed launch and set up area. Launch is 60′ asl and is the saddle at the west end of the bay between much higher cliffs. The resulting compression exaggerates typical wind strength and lift. The bowel shape does not allow for accurate wind direction indication. (See end note) The land owner appreciates politeness
Launch  Site Rating: 
Transportation:  Street vehicle drive up to launch site.
Specific Hazards:  CAUTION – If the wind direction shifts into the south there is a danger of leeside rotor at launch, behind Cape Sharp and this wind shift can happen here very quickly. Watch for developing wind shadow behind the rocks and reef at the end of the cape.

SE winds have a nasty habit of being short lived before they shift into the SW.

Tips and Hints:  It is extremely important that a pilot unfamiliar with this site a) check with the local club and b) ascertain true wind direction before launching. You will pass Partridge Island beach before you get to launch and a more accurate assessment of wind direction can be obtained there.
Landing Zone Elevation: 
Landing Zone GPS: 
LZ Description:  PG – Top Land or Beach.  HG: Beach Land.
LZ Site Rating:  Novice
Specific Hazards:   Caution – Extreme tidal range. (See end note)Top landings for paragliders only. There is a potential for Rotor to develop behind launch. PG top landings in stronger wind should be attempted close to the “launch edge”. Due to this potential Rotor, HG are directed to limit landings to the beach only.
Tips and Hints: 
Site Fee: 
Local Contact 1:  PG: Michael Fuller  Tel. 902-254-2972 or 254-0011
Local Contact 2:  PG: Brian Wheaton  Tel. 902 254-2583
Seasonal Flying Potential: None (0), Rare (1),  Low (2), Good (3), Excellent (4) 
Spring:  3
Summer:  4
Fall:  3
Winter:  1
Recommended Ratings
Mild Conditions:   Novice
Moderate Conditions:   Novice
Strong Conditions:   Intermediate
Special Skills Required: 
Other Notes:  The Bay of Fundy exhibits a phenomenal tidal range. At certain phases of the moon the high tide can reach the base of the cliffs. Low tide is equally exaggerated.
Radio Frequency:   HPAAC: 173.640 Mhz
Reviewed:  May 29, 2012

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