Safety message from HPAC

March 19, 2020

Fellow Pilots:

We find ourselves in a dynamic situation that is evolving daily. While the pandemic is not expected to have a significant direct impact on association operations, it will undoubtedly affect individual members, instructors, schools and tandem operations in many ways.

Aside from the obvious recommendation to follow local guidelines about travel and avoiding groups of people, I feel it is important to ensure members consider some less obvious effects of the pandemic when making decisions about flying.

  • Landowners may not be happy to have visitors under these circumstances, please check with the site organizer or landowner before heading out.
  • Your fellow pilots may wish you to keep your distance, please respect their space.
  • First responders and emergency services are likely to be increasingly overloaded. If you have a bad ending to your flight, you may wait a very long time for rescue if they are able to respond at all. If you need emergency care you will be using resources that someone else may need more than you.

With respect, I ask you to weigh the relative importance of your desire to fly against the needs of your community to limit the spread of the virus. It is your decision where and how you fly. Please make your decision wisely.

Best Regards,

Nick Jones
President, HPAC/ACVL