Dennis Beach

Site Status: Open
Site Name:  Dennis Beach
Location:  Dennis Beach
Province:  New Brunswick
Suitable for Hang Gliding:  Yes
Suitable for Paragliding:  Yes
Regulating Body:  HPAAC
Site Regulation:  HPAC Insurance and Local Club Waive. Agreement with landowner.
HPAC Rating:  Novice
Type of Site:  Ridge
Type of Flying:  Ridge and Thermal
XC Potential:  None
Description of Site: 
Direction of Launch:  South West
Launch Elevation:   84′ asl
Launch GPS Location: 
Launch Description: 
Launch  Site Rating: 
Transportation:  2WD drive access to the launch is via the ASHAK cottages property. Follow the signs for Ashack Cottages on Route # 915, near Watterside, 7km east of Fundy National Park entrance( Alma)

Go to the Ashak Cottages and park by the firewood hut and follow the trail through the Alders to the launch.

Specific Hazards: 
Tips and Hints:  Sea thermals can happen as early as late summer early fall, the coastal Bay’s surface collects warm water combined with the cold air sinking from altitude during a convective sea breeze day.
Landing Zone Elevation: 
Landing Zone GPS: 
LZ Description:  Wide sandy beach, narrower at high tide, with room in the beach grass, even at peak high tides.
LZ Site Rating: 
Transportation:  No vehicle access to sand beach HG retrieval. Sandy path is wide enough for assembled HG to be carried at top.
Specific Hazards:  Caution: Water at cliffs base on high tides
Tips and Hints: 
Site Fee: 
Local Contact 1:  PG: Mike Fougere, 418 955 3117
Local Contact 2: 
Seasonal Flying Potential: None (0), Rare (1),  Low (2), Good (3), Excellent (4) 
Spring:  3
Summer:  4
Fall:  4
Winter:  2
Recommended Ratings
Mild Conditions:   Novice
Moderate Conditions:   Novice
Strong Conditions:   Intermediate
Special Skills Required: 
Other Notes:  Cottage at site: or 506-887-2317 for accommodations. The cottages are perfect for paragliding groups, the big one sleeps up to 12.
Radio Frequency:   HPAAC: 173.640 Mhz
Reviewed:  May 29, 2012

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