Cape Chignecto


This site is within a Provincial Park

Site Status: Closed until further notice
Site Name: Cape Chignecto
Location: Advocate Harbour
Province: Nova Scotia
Suitable for Hang Gliding: Yes
Suitable for Paragliding: Yes
Regulating Body: HPAAC and Cape Chignecto Park Commission
Site Regulation: HPAC Membership Required. Local Club Waiver.
HPAC Rating: Novice
Type of Site: Coastal
Type of Flying: Ridge
XC Potential: Good. Out and back or straight run out.
Description of Site: This site consists of a 12 kilometer coastal ridge which conforms to the shape of a very large and sweeping Bay. Only the eastern most portion of the ridge is flown due to predominant SW wind, unless special southerly conditions allow for the western portion beyond the bay curve at McGachy Brook. The ridge climbs to 350′ a quarter mile west of launch and to 600″ further out towards the Cape.
Direction of Launch: SSE – SW
Launch Elevation: 150′ asl
Launch GPS Location:
Launch Description: Cliff Launch. Paragliding: Groomed launch and set up area.
Hang Gliding: 500′ east of PG launch (in development).
Launch Site Rating: Novice
Transportation: Any vehicle. Access to launch for HG is possible with permission of Park.
Specific Hazards:
Tips and Hints:
Landing Zone Elevation: 0′ asl
Landing Zone GPS:
LZ Description: Rocky Beach. Caution: Extreme tidal range (see Other Notes).
LZ Site Rating:
Specific Hazards: If landing on beach, be aware of tides. See below.
Tips and Hints:
Site Fee: There is a $5 (2012) fee for use of the launch IF you launch and fly. To date there has been no charge for looking.
Local Contact 1: Michael Fuller…Tel. 902-254-2972 or 254-0011
Local Contact 2: Brian Wheaton….Tel. 902 254-2583
Seasonal Flying Potential: 0=None, 1=Rare, 2=Low, 3=Good, 4=Excellent
Spring: 3
Summer: 4
Fall: 3
Winter: 1
Recommended Ratings
Mild Conditions: Novice
Moderate Conditions: Novice
Strong Conditions: Intermediate
Special Skills Required:
Other Notes: This site has been flown quite extensively (2000-2010). It is within the boundaries of Cape Chignecto Provincial Park.

The short lived S wind makes the long ridge on the NW side of the Bay possible to fly. However southerly winds are very rare except after the ambient air temperature drops below water temperature by at 10 degrees C.  The intertidal zone on this side is also very narrow. It is recommended that only pilots very experienced in coastal flying attempt this ridge.

TIDES: The Bay of Fundy exhibits a phenomenal tidal range. At certain phases of the moon the high tide can reach the base of the cliffs. Low tide is equally exaggerated.

Radio Frequency: HPAAC: 173.640 Mhz
Reviewed: October 30, 2018


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