Spring Flying in the Maritimes

The spring weather has (finally!) arrived in the Maritimes.  The long-weekend included bright sunny skies and warm temperatures. There were reports of several pilots flying this weekend.  Guy explored a new launch in Medford and also took to the skies at Lawrencetown Beach.  It seems Guy was the first pilot of the year to fly Lawrencetown in the 2013 season.

Playtime at LTB from Guy Leblanc on Vimeo.

Not to be outdone, Chris found excellent lift at the recently improved Point Prim launch in PEI.  The action was caught on video by Brendon – who has discovered a new career in video production.

… and the 2013 season begins!


Point Prim Launch

During the 2012 HPAAC Business Meeting, funding was approved to improve the launch at the Point Prim flying site.  The work is being carried out to improve the safety of the launch; included removing stumps, leveling the surface, and spreading new grass seed.

A work crew of dedicated members of HPAAC completed the work this weekend.  The volunteers also supplied a front end loader to take care of heavy work.  However, there was still lots of manual work to do, including the raking of the top soil before spreading the grass seed.

Raking the top soil of the new launch

Question is…. did they plant any potatoes?

Now, all that’s left to do is watch the grass grow.  Well… maybe not, because a little test flight seemed to be in order.  Chris had the honor of the first launch.

Chris setting up for the first launch

Great work guys.  Thank you Todd, Chris, Jake, and others who have helped get this work done.  Your efforts in planning and carrying out the work are greatly appreciated and will make for improved flying in PEI.

Below is a short video showing a hang glider launching at the site in 2010.