Fox River

The Fox River Launch is no longer available.
The executive is currently negotiating a new launch site for this very popular flying site.
Site Status: Closed — Site is no longer to be used.
Site Name: Fox River Ridge
Location: Fox River
Province: Nova Scotia
Suitable for Hang Gliding: Yes
Suitable for Paragliding: Yes
Regulating Body: HPAAC
Site Regulation: HPAC Membership is Required.
HPAC Rating: Novice
Type of Site: Coastal Cliff
Type of Flying: Cliff/Ridge Soaring
XC Potential: N/A
Description of Site: no longer useable
1.2 km – Primary flying zone both east and west of launch.
2.6 km – extends the western end of the Primary zone but requires unusual (ssw) conditions.
Large farmed blueberry field to the immediate right (west) is privately owned, out of bounds and very important to avoid. Do not land on or cross this property.
Direction of Launch: SW
Launch Elevation: 15 m above mean high water
Launch GPS Location: 45°23’59.86″N 64°31’35.80″W
Launch Description: no longer useable

Launch is natural grass with on constructed earth berm. The set up area is immediately behind the berm. Top landing on or behind berm. Trees to the immediate left (east) of launch.

Launch Site Rating: Novice
Specific Hazards: Large farmed blueberry field to the immediate right (west) is privately owned and out of bounds and very important to avoid. Do not land on or cross this property.
PG – Beware of blowback conditions into trees on launch in 25+kph.
HG – Beware of cross winds although the constructed slot does briefly redirect the airflow directly in if the cross is only slight..
Beware of narrow lift band in light or cross conditions.
Turbulence and Rotor. At the end of day, as the seabreeze diminishes, conditions can change rapidly. Turbulences become less of a factor in top landing but you may only get one chance making a beach landing mandatory.
Gravel cliffs are not stable. Care must be taken near edge of cliff .
Tips and Hints: Times to Fly: All day in winds 20 – 30 Km/hr from the ssw to wsw. During most of the year it is advised to fly when the tide permits beach landing as an alternate LZ. For tide and coastal wind information consult: Parrsboro, NS, Canada
Landing Zone Elevation: 0 (beach) to 15 m (top landing)
Landing Zone GPS:
LZ Description: PG – Top land at launch or beach landing zone. HG – Beach landing only.
NOTE: Do not land in the blueberry fields.
LZ Site Rating: Novice
Transportation: From beach at either end of primary ridge. Do not climb gravel cliff.
Specific Hazards: Turbulance and rotor can be found 50 m behind cliff edge. Severity conditional on wind speed.
Tips and Hints:
Site Fee: No site fee. HPAC Membership is required.
Local Contact 1: Brian Wheaton 902-254-2583
Local Contact 2: Michael Fuller 902-254-2972 Cell:902-254-0011
Seasonal Flying Potential: None (0), Rare (1),   Low (2), Good (3), Excellent (4)
Spring: 3
Summer: 4
Fall: 4
Winter: 1
Recommended Ratings
Mild Conditions: Novice
Moderate Conditions: Novice
Strong Conditions: Intermediate
Special Skills Required: PG needs to have strong launching and top-landing skills at >25 kph winds at launch. HG needs cliff launch skills.
Other Notes: There are no airspace restrictions for this site if altitude gain remains below 700 FT AGL.
Radio Frequency: HPAAC: 173.640 Mhz
Reviewed: May 20, 2018