Check the status of your HPAC and HPAAC membership.
Remember you need to be a paid up member of HPAC / HPAAC to fly HPAAC sites.

HPAC membership costs $160. HPAC will also collect an additional $15 and forward it to HPAAC for pilots who live in the Atlantic provinces. This provides you with:

  •  3 million dollars third party liability insurance
  •  2 issues of Atlantic Inflight newsletter per year
  •  access to the National Ratings System
  •  access to setting World/National/Provincial Records
  •  This Web site!

Note that insurance is mandatory at all HPAAC sites. Foreign pilots should inquire about the 3 month temporary insurance if competing or flying in Canada.

Existing HPAC members are encouraged to renew online via PayPal at, but can also print the membership application form and send it in with a cheque.

HPAC Membership Forms
Other HPAC forms are available on the HPAC website.

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