Economy Mountain


Site Status: Open
Site Name: Economy Mountain
Location: Central Economy. 20k east of Parrsboro on Hwy 2
Province: Nova Scotia
Suitable for Hang Gliding: Yes
Suitable for Paragliding: Yes
Regulating Body: HPAAC
Site Regulation: Informal. HPAC Insurance and Local Club Waiver required.
HPAC Rating: Novice
Type of Site: Hill
Type of Flying: Ridge and Thermal
XC Potential: Yes
Description of Site:
Direction of Launch: East
Launch Elevation: Launch 600′ asl.
Launch GPS Location: 45.40001, -64.00411
Launch Description: Launch is a 60′ wide and extends back 100+’. The front drops off very quickly making a run off difficult.
Launch Site Rating: Novice
Transportation: A good 4×4 is needed to access this launch site.
Access is also restricted.Please contact a local contact before attempting to drive up otherwise it is a walk up.
Specific Hazards:
Tips and Hints:
Landing Zone Elevation:
Landing Zone GPS:
LZ Description: The PG bailout LZ here is very small and also it is slightly down hill. It is directly in front of launch. It is no good for hang gliders. The hang gliders must land beyond the road and then in the field bordered in green.
The main lz is bordered in green and it can be made quite easily by the modern paraglider in a straight glide from the hill at launch level. If you are below launch you may have to land in the bail out zone.
Please take note if the lz is in crop do not land there. There are probably alternatives. The landowner of the section in red is not friendly to the sport. Please don’t land there except under extreme emergency. (Economy2.jpg)
LZ Site Rating:
Specific Hazards: Power lines.
Tips and Hints:
Site Fee:
Local Contact 1: PG: Michael FullerTel. 902-254-2972 or 254-3788
Local Contact 2: PG: Brian Wheaton.Tel. 902 254-2583
Seasonal Flying Potential: 0=None, 1=Rare, 2=Low, 3=Good, 4=Excellent
Spring: 3
Summer: 4
Fall: 3
Winter: 2
Recommended Ratings
Mild Conditions: Novice
Moderate Conditions: Novice
Strong Conditions: Intermediate
Special Skills Required:
Other Notes: This site offers great potential. On light clear days with a very light westerly flow convergence is likely by midmorning above this east facing site. Top landing is a no go for Hg.
Radio Frequency: HPAAC: 173.640 Mhz
Reviewed: May 29, 2012

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