Fitzpatrick Mountain

Site Status: Open
Site Name: Fitzpatrick Mountain
Location: Scotsburn
Province: Nova Scotia
Suitable for Hang Gliding: Yes
Suitable for Paragliding: Yes
Regulating Body: HPAAC
Site Regulation: HPAC Membership is mandatory
HPAC Rating: Novice
Type of Site: Hill
Type of Flying: Ridge, Thermic
XC Potential: Yes
Description of Site: Roughly 2.5 km long treed ridge.
Direction of Launch: NW
Launch Elevation: 387′ asl
Launch GPS Location: N 45.6458, W -62.8807
Launch Description:  Foot launch, slot, NW
Launch Site Rating: Novice
Transportation: via Smith Rock Chalets on Fitzpatrick mountain road. Follow the road to the left past all the chalets, park opposite the last chalet and take the short trail to launch
Specific Hazards:
Tips and Hints:
Landing Zone Elevation: 328′ asl
Landing Zone GPS: N 45.6492, W -62.8837
LZ Description: Fields below launch on Campbell Hill Road. Use fields on launch side of the road if the far fields are in crop. No space for top landing
LZ Site Rating: Novice
Specific Hazards:
Tips and Hints:
Site Fee:
Local Contact 1:
Local Contact 2:
Seasonal Flying Potential: None (0), Rare (1), Low (2), Good (3), Excellent (4)
Spring: 3
Summer: 4
Fall: 4
Winter: 1
Recommended Ratings
Mild Conditions: Novice
Moderate Conditions: Novice
Strong Conditions: Intermediate
Special Skills Required:
Other Notes: NW, excellent thermic site, look at upper winds as well as surface winds, winds can be crossed outside of slot but straight in at launch
Radio Frequency: HPAAC: 173.640 Mhz
Reviewed: September 28, 2018