Tea House


Site Status: Open
Site Name: Tea House
Location: Lawrencetown
Province: Nova Scotia
Suitable for Hang Gliding: No
Suitable for Paragliding: Yes
Regulating Body: HPAAC
Site Regulation: Informal. HPAC Insurance and Local Club Waiver required.
HPAC Rating: Novice
Type of Site: Coastal
Type of Flying: Ridge
XC Potential: No
Description of Site: The Tea House site is located close to Halifax and often provides flyable conditions for ridge soaring. The area is a popular destination for people to walk, surf and swim, so flights often attract attention and interest in the sport.
Direction of Launch: SSW
Launch Elevation: ~50′ asl
Launch GPS Location: 44.63772, -63.31523
Launch Description: Large open area immediately north of the Tea House allows for multiple wings and ground handling.
Launch Site Rating: Novice
Transportation: Short walk from the parking lot.
Specific Hazards: Power lines are located behind the launch closer to the road.

Beware of tide levels as high tide reduces beach landing, and rocky beach has large cobbles.

Tips and Hints: Ridge is often flyable with +20 km. Watch potential rotor from trees on northern edge of ridge. Western end of ridge fades in height.
Landing Zone Elevation: Top land or beach 0′ asl
Landing Zone GPS:
LZ Description: Top landing from either side of launch. Watch potential rotor far back, and power lines near road. Alternate landing option when wind is strong is on the grassy slope in front of launch, towards the bottom of the slope where the wind is lighter.
LZ Site Rating:
Specific Hazards:
Tips and Hints:
Site Fee:
Local Contact 1: Tim Parker Tel. 902-219-4084
Local Contact 2: PG: Michael Fuller.Tel. 902-254-2972 or 254-3788
Seasonal Flying Potential: 0=None, 1=Rare, 2=Low, 3=Good, 4=Excellent
Spring: 2
Summer: 3
Fall: 4
Winter: 2
Recommended Ratings
Mild Conditions: Beginner (with Instructor)
Moderate Conditions: Novice
Strong Conditions: Novice
Special Skills Required:
Other Notes:
Radio Frequency: HPAAC: 173.640 Mhz
Reviewed: April 25, 2017