The Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association of Atlantic Canada, formerly known as the Hang Gliding Association of Newfoundland was founded in December, 1979, as a not for profit, volunteer organization. The name was changed in May 1998 to recognize the participation of hand gliding and paragliding pilots from all four Atlantic Provinces.

The mission of HPAAC is to promote

  •  the safe enjoyment of hang gliding and paragliding in Atlantic Canada
  •  public awareness of hang gliding and paragliding in the region
  •  excellence in the sports through programs promoting pilot development

Membership in HPAAC is open to hang gliding and paragliding pilots in Atlantic Canada and to individuals interested in these sports.

4 thoughts on “HPAAC Info”

    1. Hi Keegan, Currently there aren’t any full-time HG schools in the Maritimes but we can get you in contact with an HG instructor that is in NB. Please contact us using the Contact Us page and we can get you his info. Thanks!

        1. Hi Andrew, There are currently no pg schools in NL. There is a coop providing training in the Maritimes though. If you want to send us an email through our contact page we can get you some more info. Thanks.

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