TOW Jam 2009

TOW JAM 2009 Prince Edward Island, Canada
June 19-21 2009

An open invitation to all pilots. PEI is holding our fifth annual Tow Jam. This event will be held on June 19th, 20th, & 21st, 2009. So put it on your calendars now and plan to join us.

Friday the 19th will be a play date for all those who want to come early and try some non-structured flying. Just a fun day more then anything.

The main event will be on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st. We will tow by day and have home grown music and campfire by night, hence “Tow Jam”. If you play an instrument then it is mandatory you bring it along regardless your skill level.

You are welcome to pitch a tent in our back yard RSVP or contact me for information on Motels and campgrounds in the area.

We have booked Slemon Park again. Slemon Park has an 8000′ runway with lots of potential for XC flights (see attached photo). If you have towing equipment I recommend you bring it with you. If you are not trained in flying under tow it could be an opportunity to get some experience. Pegasus Paragliding will be running a tow clinic during the weekend. You must be a rated pilot and a member of HPAC to take in any of the tow clinics.

Contact me at for more details or see my webpage at

Prince Edward Island is the smallest of the Canadian provinces both in size and population. While it is densely populated, it is not overcrowded. The Province is also called ‘PEI’, or simply ‘The Island’.

They say that to be a ‘true blue’ Prince Edward Islander you must be born here. Otherwise, you’re ‘from away’. Despite this divine right to citizenship, Islanders adopt all who come to stay and its 1.2 million annual visitors. They come to the Island to enjoy its pastoral scenery, relaxing white sandy beaches and relaxing pace.

The ‘Island way of life’ is an often quoted and much discussed idea in Canada’s small green province in the Gulf. For both Islanders and those ‘from away’ the quality of Life on this Island is the best. It is an ideal place to raise a family, to operate a business or to rejuvenate the mind. The way of Islanders and their lives are clearly expressed in its arts, culture and heritage. Everywhere you will find crafts, theaters, and festivals that celebrate life here on the Island.

PEI is a burst of thermals all spring long with its plowed fields stretching for miles in every direction. The thermal potential here, as I am told by experienced pilots, is endless. Add to that an infinite number of landing zones and the beautiful scenery and you have a paradise for XC flights.

One thing that all pilots must realize is that being above the island by only a few hundred feet is so very different than most other destinations. From only 300 feet you can see from the North Shore to the South Shore of the province. Add a few more hundred feet and on a clear day you can see from tip to tip.

I personally look forward to the season ahead and I welcome any and all pilots to our island. I will do my best to accommodate all those who come to visit us either for Tow Jam or any other time of the year.

Take Care In The Air,

Brendon McKenna

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